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New Rule

Title: New Rule
Pairing: Vanitas / Aqua
Summary: That stupid woman has done it again. "That damned woman. She'll get it this time."
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU

That stupid woman has done it again...Collapse )

Hate to Love

Title: Hate to Love
Pairing: Reno/Roxas
Summary: Roxas stands from his spot on the couch, intending to leave it at that. "Shut up Reno...You're just like your cousin, maybe worse."
Warnings: Slash/Shounen-ai , AU

The shadows of the small room...Collapse )

Do Something

Title: Do Something
Pairing: Aqua / Fem!Zexion
Summary: Ever since she met her she's been falling in love. But there seems to be a pesky redhead and a gender issue that plagues her, not liking her do much about it until one reprimanding allows it to happen.
Rating: K
Warnings: AU , Femslash (shoujo-ai) , gender bend
A/N: I don't use the actual character's name. I'd rather bend/twist that part of em as well. So Zexion in this oneshot is now known as Zie. ^^ The name, was very hard to come up with. If anyone else knows a better fem!zexion name, please, lemme know!

Her nose remains in the crimson, hard covered book in her hands...Collapse )

Better Than Cake

Title: Better Than Cake
Pairing: Fem!Axel (Alex) / Roxas -AkuRoku-
Summary: He sat alone on the night of his birthday, not wanting to do anything as he fumes in the dark, wishing he wasn't alone. Although, when his gift arrives he can't help but struggle to believe his birthday wish came true. She's back.
Rating: T (16+)
Warnings: Gender Bend , AU, Sexual Themes
A/N: AkuRoku is one of my more favorite pairings; but I struggle to write it. Sorry for any OOC-ness; I humbly apologize.

The small apartment remains relatively dark...Collapse )

Destruction to Creation

Title: Destruction to Creation 
Pairing: Caius / Lightning , Warrior of Light / Lightning , Vanitas / Ventus
Summary: Two of the overseers of the world steadily watch those that are moving about. One woman in particular becomes their next project. To shake the life she had so that the life she needs can come about. 
Rating: M (18+)
Warnings: Het , Sex , Shonenai , Crossover , AU

A flurry of hands and skin is all that transpires...Collapse )

Missing Birthday

Title: Missing Birthday
Pairing: -none-
Summary: In her mind its a normal day in her life that she should be having, but in reality it's quite different. In reality...she can't have anything she wants and she wants it so much.
Rating: K
Warnings: Possible 13-2 Spoilers

The heels of her knee-high leather boots stab against the steps...Collapse )

I Like You

Title: I Like You
Pairing: Bartz / Terra
Summary: He sits behind her in the last class every day. He smiles at her as she leaves... and today he plans to make it clear that he's there.
Rating: K
Warning: HS AU
A/N: Tis a commission. All details were decided and approved by the commissioner.

One of the more studious students in the class...Collapse )

In Your Arms

Title: In Your Arms
Pairing: Vaan / Terra
Summary: She felt lost and didn't know where to go, but as she ran she never expected the one she needed to actually be there.
Rating: K
Warnings: -none-
A/N: This was a commmission. All details were decided and approved by the commissioner.

A sharp pain tears at her chest as she runs...Collapse )


Title: Endings
Pairing: -
Summary: For beings that aren't supposed to have feelings; the primitive emotions still reside in some of their bodies, fore death is never a happy thing.
Rating: K
Warnings: Dying Nobodies
A/N: This was a commission. All details were the commissioner's choice.

XIII ...Collapse )

Meeting You Again

Title: Meeting You Again
Pairing: Zack / Aerith (ish)
Summary: He wanted wings just like his mentors. But what he got was so much more.
Rating: K+
Warnings: -
A/N: this, was a commission. All details were up to the commissioner.

The rain now longer beats down...Collapse )