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[sticky post] Fic Master List

--Finally getting to work on a master list, been too lazy beforehand. ^^'-- There's a bunch of boylove, girllove, and straightlove going on below so read carefully loves~ I've re-ordered them into order of fandom then rating. (Beware: Most things are unedited and/or just purely raw)--

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Title : Hate to Love
Pairing : Reno / Roxas (RokuNo)
Summary : Roxas stands from his spot on the couch, intending to leave it at that. "Shut up Reno...You're just like your cousin, maybe worse."
Rating : K
Warnings : Slash/Shounen-ai , AU

Title : I Swear
Pairing : Lightning / Aqua
Summary : "I'll protect you, no matter what." "Lightning-" "No matter what Aqua, I swear."
Rating : T
Warnings : AU , Shoujo-ai / Girl-love , Violence

Kingdom Hearts

Title : Miss Me?
Pairing : Sora / Riku
Summary : With the knowing of another adventure on their horizons Sora can't help but make it clear to Riku just how much he cares.
Rating : G
Warnings : Shonen-ai / Slash

Title : Waiting For You
Pairing : Zexion / Demyx (Zemyx , Dexion)
Summary : All he wanted for Christmas? The one he loves.
Rating : K
Warnings : Fluff , AU , Slash

Title : Endings
Pairing : -
Summary : For beings that aren't supposed to have feelings; the primitive emotions still reside in some of their bodies, fore death is never a happy thing.
Rating : K
Warnings : Dying Nobodies

Title : Do Something
Pairing : Aqua / Fem!Zexion
Summary : Ever since she met her she's been falling in love. But there seems to be a pesky red head and a gender issues that plagues her, not liking her to do much until one reprimanding allows it to happen.
Rating : K
Warnings : AU , Femslash (shoujo-ai) , Gender Bend

Title : Promises
Pairing : Ventus / Fuu (Fuujin)
Summary : Forever separated by the moon and sun they stay. Only on the one day when both of their worlds are eclipsed can they be together...if only for a short moment.
Rating : K
Warnings : AU , Crack-Pairing

Title : Differences
Pairing : Saix / Xemnas (SaiXem)
Summary : Even if things were so different, that doesn't mean things will end differently.
Rating : K
Warnings : Role Swap

Title : In the Darkness
Pairing : Sora / Riku (SoRiku)
Summary : It shouldn't have turned out the way it did, he never was one for the light anyway. But his decision drives the one he wants to protect more than anything right into what he's protecting him from; the darkness.
Rating : K
Warnings : In Story/Alternate Ending , Shonenai/Boylove

Title : Never Forget
Pairing : Roxas / Xion (RokuShi)
Summary : It all seemed perfect till her hand slipped away from his.
Rating : K
Warnings : Au , Character Death

Title : Our Secret
Pairing : Riku/Sora (SoRiku)
Summary : Secrets can be deadly. And just as Riku finds out, they're hard to keep - especially from a friend.
Rating : K
Warnings : AR, Slash

Title : Forget
Pairing : Xemnas/Saix (XemSai)
Summary : He doesn't know where these glimpses of memory have come from or where these feelings begin to bubble up from, but he knows he's not able to handle them on his own. One man, however, can make him forget it all instantly.
Rating : K+
Warnings : Xemnas-Terra-Xehanort confusing connection , Slash

Title : Jealousy
Pairing : Xemnas / Axel (XemAku) - Hinted Xemnas/Saix (XemSai)
Summary : He didn't want to be beckoned and then run away with fear of knowing what his eyes could never un-see. His emerald eyes will forever see the way his "ex" best-friend's chest arched up against a rather tan and toned chest in return. Yet he did and he does.
Rating : PG-13
Warnings : Xemnas being sexy~ , Slash

Title : Signs
Pairing : Riku / Xion (Rion - RikuShi)
Summary : She wants nothing more to melt against him, her average day skyrocketing to an abnormal high. "You don't hate me?" The insecure question tumbles from her lips before she can stop it.
Rating : PG-13
Warnings : AU

Title : New Rule
Pairing : Vanitas / Aqua (Vanqua)
Summary : That stupid woman has done it again. "That damned woman. She'll get it this time."
Rating : PG-13
Warnings : AU

Title : A Different Path
Pairing : None
Summary : What if Terra lost against Eraqus? What would Aqua do after facing that? Would things still end the same; for the better or for the worst?
Rating : T (PG-13)
Warnings : AR , Violence, Character Death

Title : Unexpected Circumstances
Pairing : Xemnas / Saix (XemSai)
Summary : When his world is turned upside down, another takes the opportunity to make his own better and convince shadowed hearts that they need one another.
Rating : T (15+)
Warnings : AU , Slight Language

Title : Better Than Cake
Pairing : Fem!Axel / Roxas (AkuRoku)
Summary : He sat alone on the night of his birthday, not wanting to do anything as he fumes in the dark, wishing he wasn't alone. Although, when his gift he can't help but struggle to believe his birthday wish came true. She's back.
Rating : T (16+)
Warnings : Gender Bend , AU , Sexual Themes

Title : Happy Birthday
Pairing : Axel / Zexion (AkuZeku)
Summary : Zexion's birthday is never a thing he's looked forward too, but when presuaded by a certain redhead? How can he say no?
Rating : M (18+)
Warnings : AU , Yaoi / Slash

Title : Never Them
Pairing : Vanitas / Fuu (VanFuu) - Hinted Vanitas / Riku & Larxene / Fuu
Summary : Sequel to Only You (link on entry) Vanitas is alive and ready to settle the score along with his dark love. But that's not his real challenge, it's just surviving long enough to escape, surviving against the drama.
Rating : M (18+)
Warnings : AU , Yaoi/Yuri/Het (Slash FemSlash) , Sex , Violence

Title : 3...2...1
Pairing : Axel / Fem!Riku (AkuRiku)
Summary : Just wanted to let the stress go. Never expected you to look my way.
Rating : M (18+)
Warnings : AU , Het sex , Genderbend

Title : One-on-One
Pairing : Squall(Leon) x Lea (Axel)
Summary : It haunted him that he couldn't protect hardly anyone that night, especially the one person he had always had his eye on. Even after he believed Sora saved everyone by closing the door and destroying heartless...he felt hopeless.
Rating : M (18+)
Warnings : Yaoi / Slash , Sex , Angst

Title : Tricky Love
Pairing : Xemnas / Aqua - Hinted Xemnas / Saix & Terra / Aqua
Summary : Both had fallen in love and were dropped out of it hard. Finding each other though was just as tricky as making the moon and sun stay high up in the sky at the same time.
Rating : M (18+)
Warnings : AU , Het. Sex

Title : Love and Coffee
Pairing : Xigbar / Luxord (XigLux)
Summary : Xigbar had thought he'd spend the rest of his days believing in something that would never happen. It's a good thing a certain someone can see right through all the lies and wishful thinking.
Rating : M
Warning : Yaoi (boy x boy), Sex, Alcohol, and Coffee

Final Fantasy

Title : Celebrating Spring
Pairing : Sephiroth / Zack
Summary : He wanted to do something that the General would always remember, to show that he cared more than anything.
Rating : K
Warnings : Soft-Slash

Title : In Your Arms
Pairing : Vaan / Terra
Summary : She felt lost and didn't know where to go, but as she ran she never expected the one she needed to actually be there.
Rating : K
Warnings : -none-

Title : I Like You
Pairing : Bartz / Terra
Summary : He sits behind her in the last class every day. He smiles at her as she leaves... and today he plans to make it clear that he's there.
Rating : K
Warnings : HS AU

Title : Missing Birthday
Pairing : -none-
Summary : In her mind its a normal day in her life that she should be having, but in reality it's quite different. In reality...she can't have anything she wants and she wants it so much.
Rating : K
Warnings : Possible 13-2 Spoilers

Title : Loveless
Pairing : Genesis / Cloud
Summary : He's never met him, but for some reason he's able to begin to understand him. Their feelings of loneliness and solitude...lets them become loveless no more.
Rating : K+
Warnings : ---

Title : Lost Rose
Pairing : Kuja / Firion
Summary : He's lost it once again and doesn't plan to move any further in his quest for his crystal until he finds it. But when he does he just might find more than a simple flower...maybe it's love?
Rating : K+
Warnings :  Kuja's outfit itself

Title : Meeting You Again
Pairing : Zack / Aerith
Summary : He wanted wings just like his mentor. But what he got was so much more.
Rating : K+
Warnings : -

Title : Spring Love
Pairing : Tifa / Reno
Summary : Sometimes it only takes one person to make one realize that what they think they have could be so much better.
Rating : PG
Warnings : Anti CloTi

Title : All Alone
Pairing : Warrior of Light / Squall
Summary : Even though it appears he's alone it's never safe to cast stones carelessly, especially when I am just as alone as he is.
Rating : PG
Warnings : AU , Shounen-ai / Slash

Title : First Class Heroes
Pairing : None
Summary : He should be strong enough but he's not. Which is why the the only three people capable besides his own self stand at the ready to destroy the evil and eradicate it from the Planet.
Rating : PG-13
Warnings : Alt. Ending Scenario , Violence

Title : Free Me
Pairing : Sephiroth / Vincent
Summary : Locked away he's wanted to get away from the realm of night. Even if the only way out is another way into the night, he'll take it.
Rating : T
Warnings : AU , a little OOC(?) , Yaoi / Slash

Title : My Dad, Your Dad
Parts : 1 , 2 , 3 , Final
Pairing : Squall / Tidus
Summary : "So you're the guy screwing my son?" This, this is why he didn't want to meet his father. Or why either should meet their fathers. It's a recipe for disaster and heartbreak.
Rating : M (18+)
Warnings : AU , Slight Yaoi / Slash - sex , Language

Title : Destruction to Creation
Pairing : Caius / Lightning , Warrior of Light / Lightning , Vanitas / Ventus
Summary : Two of the overseers of the world steadily watch those that are moving about. One woman in particular becomes their next project. To shake the life she had so that the life she needs can come about.
Rating : M (18+)
Warnings : Het , Sex , Shounenai , Crossover , AU

Adventure Time

Title : Loves It!
Pairing : Fionna / Marshall Lee (FioLee)
Summary : It’s what amuses – attracts – him to her. He wants it all; he loves it – all of her.
Rating : K
Warning : -none-


Title : Simply Love
Pairing : IchiRuki (Ichigo / Rukia)
Summary : Everything about him makes her heart leap out of her chest and her eyes want to bleed over all the love she holds for him in return.
Rating : K+
Warnings : AU

Title : Give In
Pairing : GrimmIchi (Grimmjow/Ichigo)
Summary : Christmas? Holidays? Not something he'd ever partake in, and haven't.
Rating : PG-13
Warnings : AU , Slight language