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[sticky post] Fic Master List

--Finally getting to work on a master list, been too lazy beforehand. ^^'-- There's a bunch of boylove, girllove, and straightlove going on below so read carefully loves~ I've re-ordered them into order of fandom then rating. (Beware: Most things are unedited and/or just purely raw)--

For Commission Info please see here -> http://chaotic-dawn.livejournal.com/11785.html <-

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Commission Info

<3 Commission Info <3

All information can be found via my deviantart as well -> http://fav.me/d3mraay <- Please feel free to contact me on here or through email //or even devianart if you have account there.

Completion time does vary. Be sure to read thoroughly. ^^ Any questions, just ask. These prices are being tested, they are subject to change. If haggling is needed, it can be discussed.

Writing Option 1: 500 ~ 1000 Words - $3.00 - ex: [link]
Writing Option 2: 1000 ~ 2000 Words - $5.00 - ex: [link] or [link]
Writing Option 3: 2000 ~ 3000 Words - $9.00 - ex: [link] or [link]


I start once paid. There's no guaranteed completion times. The max time would be a month.
Payment is in USD and is sent through Paypal. I'll give my email once I've accepted.
      Paypal payment is to be sent as a SERVICE
Alternate payment option is a postal money order. But will only be accepted for bulk orders.
Bulk orders are accepted and will be a slight discount.
      Discount = Minus a dollar for each extra purchase. Example: Purchasing two Option 1's = $5.00 instead of $6.00
I will send updates via email or a link to a hosting site. Changes, if wanted, will be made as I go.
OCs are accepted, but only up to 2.
Mature content is accepted
Any type of pairing is accepted. However I won't write the following; robots/mech, furries/anthros.
Once completed, the commissioner decides whether they would like to simply save it for themselves or for me to post. If posting is preferred it will show up on the following sites; LiveJournal, Fanfiction.net, Deviantart.
I've wrote for the following fandoms, but not limited to: (Please feel free to request others)
        Yu-Gi-Oh, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VIII, Twilight, Bleach, Final Fantasy I-VI, Final Fantasy XIII, Kuroshitsuji, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Hakuōki, Final Fantasy XII, Dance Central, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Black Cat, Pandora Hearts, D.Gray-Man, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Fairy Tail, Avatar: Last Airbender, Avengers, Adventure Time, Soul Eater, BlazBlue, Young Justice.

A Different Path

Title : A Different Path
Pairing : None
Summary : What if Terra lost against Eraqus? What would Aqua do after facing that? Would things still end the same; for the better or for the worst?
Rating : T (PG-13)
Warnings : AR , Violence, Character Death

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Loves It! (FioLee)

Title: Loves It!
Pairing: Fionna / Marshall Lee (FioLee)
Summary: It’s what amuses – attracts – him to her. He wants it all; he loves it – all of her.
Rating: K
Warning: -none-

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Never Forget

Title: Never Forget
Pairing: Roxas / Xion (RokuShi)
Summary: It all seemed perfect till her hand slipped away from his.
Rating: K
Warnings: AU , Character Death
A/N: For RokuShi Day which is supposedly June 20th

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In the Darkness

Title: In the Darkness
Pairing: Sora/Riku (SoRiku)
Summary: It shouldn't have turned out the way it did, he never was one for the light anyway. But his decision drives the one he wants to protect more than anything right into what he's protecting him from; the darkness.
Rating: K
Warning: In Story / Alternate Ending , Shonenai / Boylove

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I Swear

Title: I Swear
Pairing: Lightning x Aqua
Summary: "I'll protect you, no matter what." "Lightning-" "No matter what Aqua, I swear."
Rating: T
Warnings: AU , shoujo-ai / girl love , violence

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Title: Differences
Pairing: Saix / Xemnas (SaiXem)
Summary: Even if things were so different, that doesn't mean things will end differently.
Rating: K
Warning: Role swap

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Title: Promises
Pairing: Ventus / Fuu (Fuujin)
Summary: Forever separated by the moon and sun they stay. Only on the one day when both of their worlds are eclipsed can they be together...if only for a short moment.
Rating: K
Warning: AU , Crack-Pairing

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